HealthCare Options, Inc.

Health Media Education

We offer physicians and hospitals an innovative solution to improve the atmosphere in their waiting rooms while entertaining and educating patients, visitors and staff.  We install a 32” digital flatscreen monitors in busy waiting rooms and provides hours of relevant and dynamic programming. Content includes health videos, health & fitness tips and trivia, public service messages, news, weather, light entertainment and commercial advertising.  We also provide facilities with access to the network to create their own local messages and public service announcements.

We offer hundreds of video titles covering relevant health topics like Cholesterol Screening, Managing Diabetes, Smoking Cessation, Post Pregnancy Fitness and many more. A select number of titles are also available in Spanish, Mandarin and Russian. We are constantly updating and expanding its digital library to provide healthcare facilities with a wide variety of programming options.

Our IP-addressable technology allows it to control every screen individually. This allows for customized programming so that, for example, a video on Breast Cancer Screening would run in Women’s Health and OBGYN waiting rooms and any other areas which may be appropriate. We run cartoons in Pediatrics clinics and Spanish programming in bilingual venues and communities.

Just log-in from your desktop and create, schedule and organize your own messages which will run throughout the day as part of the programming loop. Insert a photo of your employee of the month, announce new hours and services and run seasonal health alerts related to your medical practice. You can also upload your own videos to run facility-wide or just in specific waiting rooms.